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The path to conception and fertility.

Clomifex is a medicine based on clomiphene citrate 50 mg, available in a box of 10 tablets. It is mainly prescribed to stimulate ovulation and regulate amenorrhoea, offering an effective solution for women seeking to conceive.

Action of Clomifex

In women

The first intention of treatment with Clomifex is to stimulate ovulation and regulate amenorrhoea in women. Combined with Vivagest, Clomifex is effective in interrupting ovarian dystrophy, paving the way for a much-desired pregnancy.

In men:

The hypothalamic-pituitary complex exerts crucial control over testicular activity throughout life. Under the influence of FSH, Sertoli cells stimulate the daily production of millions of spermatozoa in the seminiferous tubules. At the same time, under the influence of LH ( Luteinising Hormone), testosterone is continuously secreted by the Leydig cells, located in the interstitial tissue around the seminiferous tubules. Clomifex intervenes by stimulating testosterone production through its action on lutein-stimulating hormone (LH), thereby making a significant contribution to improving male fertility.


Treatment of certain types of infertility and ovulation induction as part of medically assisted reproduction. Hypogonadism, andropause and increased testosterone secretion. Treatment of certain erectile dysfunctions.

Clomifex is your safe, effective solution for treating a range of fertility-related disorders in both women and men. With its targeted action on hormone regulation, it offers new opportunities for those seeking to fulfil their desire to have children.